Wednesday, October 3, 2007


WooHoo!!!! I am finished. Didn't think I was going to make it, but thanks to help from my co-workers, I did. I orginally signed up to do this just to have a chance to win the Wii. Well, I couldn't wait any longer so I purchased the Wii about a month ago. And no Fred, if I win the Wii, I am not selling it on Ebay. Of course, I wouldn't mind winning one of the other prizes.

Before starting the 23 things, I knew there were alot of things that I wasn't aware was out there, but I am surprised by how much. This adventure has definitely opened my eyes. I definitely plan on using most of this in the future whether it be at home or at work (probably more at home). Won't be using Rollyo, ha!ha!ha!

I would definitely encourage people to take the time to fully explore all of these different sites, and I would definitely participate if it was offered again, but can you please have as one of the assignments. LOL!!!!

Thank you Ellen and Jim for putting this together. It was a great experience, and you guys help me stay motivated even though it took me to the last day to get it finish. Anyway, Thank You!!!!!!

Week 9 Thing 22

Well I guess we are all familiar with the downloadable books. Since we got rid of NetLibrary, I explored Overdrive. I was surprised by how many titles they offer. Again once I get my I-pod, I MAY download some, but probably not. I am more of a book person than an audio. I don't even listen to books on CD. I lose focus too much. I am the type of person that has to have some type of background noise, and I would just phase it out as white noise, and the next thing you know, I missed 4 chapters. With a book, I am forced to focus. Of course on of these days, I may be forced to do this.

Week 9 Thing 21

Now that I know where to find the podcasts, I will be sure to download some once I get an I-pod which I put a bug in Santa's ear, so hopefully it wont be too long. Of course, I am sure that I will use it more for music. Of course I know that I can always sit in front of my computer and listen to it, its always nice to have it be portable.

Week 9 Thing 20

After having Fred yell at me for being on YouTube, and getting assistance from a co-worker, which I am encouraged to do, here is my video.

Week 8, Thing 19

Gee I feel like a student craming for a test trying to get all these things completed so that I can be eligible for the prizes. Anyway, like one I my friends said in her blog, I was pleased to see sites that I was familiar with, but I only know those sites because of the 23 things. I was a little disappointed that didn't receive an award in the games department, but this site gave me more game sites to explore at home. I had heard about from a co-worker, but now I actually had a chance to explore it. I will definitely do more with these sites from home.

Week 8 Thing 18

OMIGOD!!! These sites are awesome. Why couldn't we have done the 23 things last year? I only reason I bought a new computer was so that I could have Word and Excel. Had I know about these sites, I could've saved some money. Ok, let's get real, I still would have bought the new computer, but these sites are neat and convenient. I will use this when I am using someone else's computer and forgot my zip drive.

Sandbox Wiki

Ok, I added an entry, but I have no idea if I did it correctly. Something tells me that I didn't, but at least I tried. That counts for something, right?

Okay, I just went back and figured out what I did wrong so now I can say that I correctly added an entry.....its not much of an entry, but I added one.